Gunmar Security services and operations


• 24-Hour Guarding
• Residential
• Retail / Commercial I Industrial
• Construction Site guarding / Monitoring
• Estates / Complexes


• Site Surveys and Security Advice
• Safety and Security Consultants
• Conceptual planning and Advice


• Body Guarding I Undercover Guarding
• VIP Protection Services
•Special Events Guarding and Crowd Control


• On I Off Site Armed Response
• Control Room Facility
• Alarm Response and Monitoring


• A dedicated Task Force Team
• Undercover I Private Investigations


• Community Policing Forums
• Estates I Complexes
• Area Designated Forum


• On / off site armed response
• Access control systems
• Alarm system and installations
• Electric fencing
• Maintenance / Installations
• Intercoms and gate motors
• CCTV and alarm systems


• On site and off site training for security officers
•Training in all aspects of the security industry

Security Management Philosophy

The increasing crime rate in South Africa creates a dangerous and threatening environment for commercial, industrial and residential property owners in South Africa.

Each property portfolio has its unique requirements which can be broadly classified as follows:
• Access Control
• Liaison & Support
• Bomb Threats
• Logistics
• Conflict Management
• Patrols
• Crisis Control
• Presence
• Customer/Client/Tenant
• Regulation reports
• Information
• Safeguarding property (On & Offsite)
• Tenant Support

Gunmar not only operates a full supervisory team on a 24-hour basis in the business district of Groblersdal, but aslo in the residential areas of Groblersdal.
Staff are registered and trained as per the Security Act. PSIRA (Public Security Industry Regulatory Authority) the watch dog for the industry. They have very strict requirements, monitoring the employment of security officers, adherence to standards laid down and ensuring the fair treatment of all its members.
Personnel employed in the security industry are not permitted to perform security services without having followed the correct procedures through PSIRA - screening fingerprinting, certification and membership.

The following basic management support is provided to our clients: • Free survey of sites.
• Free advice on the current security system in place and advice on upgrading of security.
• 1 to 2 site visits per week by Gunmar management.
• At least 1 structured client visit per month.
• Immediate reaction to client queries and requests.
• Incident reports to client or nominated person/authority within 24 hours of the incident.
• The provision of a 24-hour contact number, allowing clients to contact us 24/7.

Armed Response Division

Only achievable when the circle is complete and strong- no weak links. Not broken, fragmented or split.
These officers are the forefront of our response activities and open experience great dangers when approaching criminal / perpetrators for apprehension or investigations.

Gunmar Security represent that circle. Achieving success through their absolute:
•Love of their responsibility - You and Yours

The Armed Response division is a formidable team comprising:
• Reaction Manager
• Reaction Commander
• Senior Armed Response Inspectors
• Armed Response Officers

These officers are selected for their specific abilities and talents:
• Honesty
• Highly skilled and trained
• Dedication
• Commitment
• Loyalty

Officers receive training on an on-going basis and are required to go for competency certificates at regular intervals.
All officers are trained in medical response as well.
Officers are monitored 24/7 with tracking on their vehicles to ensure their positions and to provide immediate backup in need.

Strategic Response Unit

The Strategic Response team is a dedicated unit commited to their field of expertise Serving and protecting our community.

With the increase in crime and the modus operandi of perpetrators, Gunmar Security found it necessary to implement a Strategic Response Unit.
The members ofthe Strategic Response Unit were hand picked from a list of many candidates. These officers are highly trained in all aspects ofcombat, armory, weapons, tactical responses and undercover operations.
The Strategic Response Unit was formed after several serious incidents of armed robbery experienced at various sites where the criminal element was extremely dominant.

This unit was then utilized to provide a security undercover operation as well as a force that monitored and maintained guard over several of these complexes and estates.
This force ensures total protection for the workers inside the property and also maintains a high level of visibility and peace of mind for the management and staff having to deal with these situations.
Success was obtained after many long nights of watching and waiting.
We are proud to announce that these brave young men were instrumental in not only arresting the criminals but their actions became well known and spread amongst would be perpetrators who constantly harassed specific complexes time and time again. This has now thankfully stopped but our brave and dedicated men are still out there.

The Strategic Response Unit members are also utilized during events held by the schools, churches and other functions where they perform crowd control, specifically trained to be on the lookout for any persons who could harm the onlookers or the management of the events.
Schools are also protected in this fashion during strikes and especially in industrial sites where our clients have lock outs and strikes by their workers.

Control Room Operations

The Control Room serves as a central hub, Operating 24/7, 365 days a year. The Control Room operators are trained in all aspects of the security business - from reception through to the dispatch of armed response officers to any call which is received.
Many forms of activations are monitored here - electricfence, beams, panic, alarm and emergency activations.
All calls are monitored and the Control Room Operators are stationed at computers which monitor the activations and alarm systems of the clients.

Information is stored via Intelligent Monitoring System which is a foot print system whereby all clients information is stored and alarms and panics are linked to this system. Information statistics and dates cannot be duplicated interfered with or changed in any manner.

This provides the client with the assurance that all Activity Reports produced by the system are authentic with complete details of each occurrence during an incident.
The control Room Operator maintains contact with the Armed Response Officers at all times during their investigation and will ensure that back up is provided in need. Full reports from the Armed Response officers are captured by the Control Room Operatorsfor processing by the Operations Division.

The Armed response Vehicles are on 24/7 monitoring and tracking in order for the Controllers to be in Contact with the armed response officers and the vehicles at all times.
All incidents are strictly monitored and noted for investigation purposes. The Control Room Operators are further trained to monitor and control any activities be tween our guarding section, armed response and the on/off site monitoring teams. All communication is via radio as well as via our sms services.

The Control Room operator has all contactable numbers in the case of emergencies and will automatically liaise with the Emergency Services, Fire Department or the South African Police Services in need providing them with full details and addresses where necessary.
We make use of the latest and most modern monitoring system available in our control room.

Guard Services

Gunmar Security offers the following top quality trained guard services:

• 24 Hour on-site guarding.

• Emergency placements.

• Frequent visits.

• Backed by armed response units.

• First responders are first aid certified.

• Guards are PSiRA registered.

Dedicated Pro-Active Armed Response Services

The Gunmar Security and Pro-Active teams are chosen for their strengths:
• Teamwork
• Loyalty
• Dedication
• Motivation
• Professionalism
• Trustworthiness
• Love of their responsibility - Protecting You and Yours

Gunmar is extensively involved on Community Policing Forums and other activities on conjunction with the SAPS.

• CKNRAC - Proactive Response Venicles/Patrols.
• BRACA - Proactive Response Vehicles/Patrols.
• Providing support under auspices of SAPS - blitzes, patrols, searches! general visibility.
• Attending CPF’s meetings for different areas.

• To further enhance current services provided by the security services provider.
• To make the community safer and more secure.
• To provide visibility / assurance to the residents.
• To ensure quicker response for the members of the Pro-active Armed Response Services.
• To provide support and back up to the community.

• Immediate response / Support for Members.
• Quicker Response Time to activations or alarms.
• Members provided with dedicated cell number.
• Back up - Gunmar External Response will converge on site in need.
• Visibility - A message to Criminals - Beware!
• Officers: Noting suspicious activities, vehicles.
• Officer is trained to handle security or life threatening situation.
• Vehicle Fully Equipped: Radio, cellphone and vehicle constantly monitored and tracked.
• Vehicle never leaves designated area.

• Members benefit from membership:
Option to move personal alarms to Gunmar - reduced fees for members.
• Alarms linked to professionally manned and equipped control room.
• Lower fees for Members signed up.
• Increased safety on all surrounding borders.

• Increased Pro-Active vehicles / patrols within areas.
• Combined efforts - back up for each CPF.
• Additional Support - Gunmar Security.

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